“Now Crediting: Aimos” features an image of XXXTentacion that holds the record for the second most-liked post in Instagram history, as well as the most commented-on photo of all time, with over 9.5 million comments.

A portion of sales from this auction will go to support #HalfTheStory, a 501(C) nonprofit and global community empowering the next generation’s relationship with social media, through advocacy, education, and providing access to resources for youth; as well as the National Domestic Violence Hotline, a 24-hour confidential service for survivors, victims and those affected by domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and relationship abuse.

1. Can you tell us about where you grew up & where your family is from?

My family is from the Dominican Republic. My parents came to the US in 1975. I was born in Queens NY. So growing up I was always back and forth from DR to NY. Queens is one of the most diverse places in the world. So Being exposed to different types of ppl and cultures is normal for me.

2. How did you first get interested in photography?

I think I always liked the thought of cool things being created visually, but was ignorant to that at a young age.  In early 2015 I bought a camera to take photos of myself to flex on the gram. I would also take photos of my friends and I ended up enjoying taking photos of others more than myself.

3. Can you describe the day that you shot this photo of X?

Man we was in Miami we had access, we had weed, it was a beautiful day. I was present. But X wasn’t supposed to be there. I remember being upset cus he wasn’t available  to perform from being on house arrest, but I didn’t let that stop me from creating, I just finished dancing with JB blockboy so I’m walk-in to ski mask set. I heard X song look at me and the crowd going over average hyped. So I started to speed walk-in and as I got closer I saw it was x. I’m now speed walking/running cause I didn’t wanna miss another second. I take his photos and continue to shoot him again later before 21 savage. I then continue to shoot the rest of the line up.

Photo by Pedro Vasquez

4. How did you feel when you saw the photo for the first time after capturing it?

When I saw the photo for the first time I didn’t think it was any different than any other photos I select, they all speak to me. And that Particular photo spoke to me. I felt it represented him especially me listening to Xs album “?” Repeat for weeks thats why I captioned it “changes” because my favorite song from that album was that.

5. What does ‘Now Crediting’ mean to you?

Now crediting to me is just a first step for artists to take their power back & make the industry a safer place for us. Now with the help of NFTs we have a platform we don’t need to be afraid of gate keepers, middle men, people that were so used to and still are used to  taking advantage of young artist that don’t know better. We are here to raise awareness and help photographers take control of their art. 



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photos by steven john irby