‘Caribbean Bike Life.’ 

by Steven John Irby

Have you ever had this feeling like you’re stuck in a simulation and you have to do something to make sure you’re alive?

That’s exactly what this situation in time feels like for me. These moments that feel heavy and grim, while we are inundated by the age of information. The type of media consumption we’re bombarded with daily is something that can leave me full for days. So, I find myself consuming what I have to—or rather, choose to—and then really try to figure out how can I project my emotions out into the world, in a way that is constructive and progressive.

“The answer is freedom. Even if it’s a glimpse.”

This all came together because of the homie, Chad Douglas. I’ve been working with him for the past couple of years now, and I noticed he was linking up with some brave and talented brothers in Brooklyn who rode ATVs. I’ve been into dirt bikes and ATVs since DMX told us all to stop and drop. So, having the chance to make something happen with this community became my sole purpose for the next couple of weeks.

Riding down Broadway in the middle of Brooklyn during a state-wide shutdown has to be one of the most surreal moments I have ever experienced in my whole life as a born and raised New Yorker. But, at the same time, seeing Chris and the rest of his crew fly down the block towards the bridge with no fear gave me a level of adrenaline, that, in retrospect, I had been missing in my life lately. No bullshit, they were all doing wheelies down the whole Williamsburg bridge.

It’s almost impossible to take photos when you’re so captivated by their artistry on these vehicles. It’s hard to be a witness AND a photographer. To that point, I was hanging out the sunroof taking photos of the brothers doing their thing. I thought something flew out my pocket, but then I realized I had everything on me. My soul literally lifted, and I felt that burden off of me. Sometimes you just have to let the wind blow over you.

photos and words by Steven John Irby
copy edit by Carolyn Amurao

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Brooklyn, NY

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