by Vikki Tobak

Photographs, like music, are imprinted onto our collective consciousness. Both define our individual and cultural identities and help shape how we view the world as well as ourselves.

‘The Notorious B.I.G + Craig Mack’
© Eddie Otchere
‘Big Daddy Kane’
© Al Pereira

In the case of hip-hop, a medium that encompasses so many transformative moments from politics to race to style, both the visuals and the music become a part of us.

© Eric Johnson
‘Mary J. Blige + Andre Harrell’
© Alice Arnold
© Eric Coleman

It’s not just that one powerful song that has a way of getting under your skin, it’s also the visuals that equally captivates, and stick with us for years to come.

‘Erykah Badu’ © Marc Baptiste
‘Mos Def & Talib Kweli are BLACKSTAR’
© Eddie Otchere

It’s this union of hip-hop visuals and music that we honor in this book.

words and curation by Vikki Tobak

excerpts from the book

photos by:
Eddie Otchere
Al Pereira
Eric Johnson
Alice Arnold
Marc Baptiste


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