Featuring selected works by:

Jinane Ennasri 
Natalie Keyssar 
Yasin Osman 
Tauana Sofia 
Darryl Richardson 
Jennifer Li
Nolis Anderson 
Brock Fetch 
Jeremy Paige
Christelle de Castro 
Kristen White 
Dre Wilkin 
Mia Lee 
Corey Bulpitt 
Slang Inc. 

With contributions by,

Nat Meier
Waqas Ghani
Thuan Tran
Megan Collante 
Pedro Vasquez 
Jacob Consenstein 
Declan McWhinney 
Vincent M. Picone

Mag Specs:

7.5" x 9.5" Size | 172 Pages | First edition of 350.
ISSN 2292-566X
Art Direction & Design by Michael Cobarrubia 
Editorial Direction by Steven John Irby & Eric Veloso.

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printed in Canada at Hemlock Printers


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